Giants plying fiddles…

Tunes from the Netherlands & Scandinavia this Sunday (April 6) — Aan de Amsterdamse grachten, Hanter Dro, Josefin’s Waltz, Finnish Polska.

Below is a message from Caoimhin Mac Aoidh (pronounced, roughly, Cuiven Mcgee), the originator of World Fiddle Day. 
“Last year there were over 32 countries in which there were WFD events. Most of the large “international ” cities had some form of an event. There were also unusual events like a flash mob in a shopping mall in Douglas in the Isle of Man. The first event in the first year was a group of fiddlers in New Zealand who, by being closest to the international date line stayed up and at one minute after midnight began playing. The amazing thing was that they played on the step of the national museum and through their positioning in respect of the ground flood lighting had their shadows projected as giants plying fiddles on the ediface of the museum.” 



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