AGM Update

If we missed you at World Fiddle Day Toronto’s AGM, here’s a recap of the evening’s discussions. Big thanks to Long & McQuade for hosting us, and to the members who enthusiastically participated and offered to volunteer. All aspects of our organization are entirely volunteer run – we’ll never say no to more hands and fiddles!

Survey Results: a brief snapshot from 20 members who responsed indicates that most participants (95%) expect to come back next year; most (80%) were satisfied with the level of repertoire; the preferred time for practice session was evenly divided between Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons; 55% rated Fort York as an excellent venue while 40% felt it was “good” (issues of accessibility); most were very satisfied with their workshop, and finally, most of us rated Anne’s “Fiddle News” as the best way to receive information on WFD with our website posts tracking a close 2nd choice. Not a great day for Facebook fans!

Increased membership fees: the consensus was to increase fees for 2016 to $40 for an individual membership; and $70 for families.
A detailed financial report was distributed at the meeting, but here’s a general list of what membership fees pay for.
• Printing the tune book & CDs ($7.20/book) + postage for out-of-town members;
• Bank charges (ongoing);
• Paying workshop leaders when Anne Lederman is not available;
• Long & McQuade’s nominal fee to use their clinic space on Sundays;
• Printing posters;
• Paying the artists who run the workshops and perform at the WFD concert.

Grant Update: Hurray… Toronto Arts Council has accepted our grant proposal for $3,500. We are waiting to hear from the Ontario Arts Council for artists funding, and also for a Compass grant (assists arts organizations with their organizational development). More good news to come we hope!

Goals: we are working towards a number of goals to facilitate our growth, including: having a part-time staff for Artistic Direction, Administration, Graphic/Web Design and Marketing; paying professional artists for arrangements and to lead our community jams, concerts and workshops on the day itself. We also hope to expand the day to a full one-day festival including an evening performance and to bring notable artists from further afield.

World Fiddle Day Toronto 2016 is around the corner. We’ll keep you posted with information on membership renewal and when 2016 workshop jams begin. You can stay in touch with us by emailing

Fiddle on my friends!

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