Be a World Fiddle Day member and help support a community that celebrates world music on the fiddle!

2017 Memberships

  • Adult: $60 for WFDT 2017 Jam book of tunes/cds, pass code to music download, and all World Fiddle Day events at the Aga Khan. World Fiddle Day events include workshops, the Around-the-World fiddle jam and the evening concert. Financial assistance may be available – talk to us.
  • Under 25? Free Youth membership (pass code to music download, book of tunes discounted to $25)

Get your membership: at the practice jams (link) and online:
Register for Membership on Eventbrite

Eventbrite - Membership: World Fiddle Day Toronto 2017

Members benefits for 2017 include:
1. Admission for the entire World Fiddle Day Toronto, including two workshops, the Around-the World-Jam and the evening concert in the beautiful Aga Khan auditorium with: Pascal Gemme/Yann Falquet, Quebecoise; Anne Lindsay, Scandenavian; Kousha Nakhaei, Iranian; Amely Zhou, Chinese; and DNA (Old Time Ontario fiddle/stepdance duo, Andrew and Diana Dawidchuk)
2. Members Jam Books:  A bound book of the music played on World Fiddle Day Toronto 2017 with a CD of all the tunes plus an pass code to online jam music.
Youth members: get pass code to online jam music, or purchase the book for $25
3. Free entry for two morning workshops taught by one of the guest artists at World Fiddle Day Toronto 2017
4. Play in Around-the-World Fiddle jam – with our fabulous house band.
5. The opportunity to attend our Annual General Meeting in October 2017. You can contribute ideas for our next event in 2018.

Open to members and non members: 10 community workshops and practice jams at Long&McQuade, by pay what you can donation. Dates and tunes played that day posted under the Around-the-World Fiddle Jam

How to get your membership:

  1. At our practice sessions, starting February 9, 2017  $60
  2. Online via Eventbrite & you pick up book at practice jams

    Individual Membership – $60 + Evenbrite fees
    Under 25 free – register to get pass code to online jam music

    Online via EventBrite & your Book/CD shipped to you:

    Individual Membership – $65 + Evenbrite fees + plus shipping
    Under 25 free – register to get pass code to music on the site, purchase tune book $25 for the book + plus shipping


4 comments on “2017 World Fiddle Day Memberships

  1. ARE there any workshops for cello? Do the sheet music come in bass clef for cello players? I see the event is for bowed string instruments?


    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Cello’s are more than welcome! We have no specific cello workshops, but most of the workshops will be teaching tunes tunes by ear. If you are interested in the workshops, I’ll ask which ones would be best suited for cello. We had a cello player at the last practice session I was able to attend and it sounded great with all the other instruments. Most of the tunes have a rhythm part, some tunes have two, most have chord charts for a whole band. Our next practice session is Sunday April 9th, if you can attend you’ll get many ideas about how to join in.


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