Sunday March 5 – Practice Jam

The next  Around-The-World practice jam is this Sunday March 5 – 1:00pm – 3:30pm
We’ll be playing tunes from the U.S.: St. Louis Blues, Jolie Blonde (Cajun), Rabbit Where’s Your Mammy (Appalachian). See you there!

The Around-The-World practice jam Donation Jar:
While much of the work of World Fiddle Day Toronto is done by our volunteer committee, your donations go to help pay for our professional Artists and other venue costs on the day, our workshop leaders, our arrangers, our Outreach programs, our publicity and, we hope someday, to part-time staff to make World Fiddle Day Toronto a truly inspiring Festival of global music. To that end, we are also part of a new initiative: the shared platform of Toronto World Music Presenters which will work together to increase the scope and visibility of world music events in Toronto.  (more info soon)

Please Note:  Time change for the jam on Sunday March 19 to 3:30 – 5:30
We’ll be playing the Caribbean & African  tunes (4 of them!)

Fiddle Outreach Sessions
In addition to our series of 10 community workshops at Long&McQuade, World Fiddle Day Toronto takes on Outreach projects with strings groups in public schools, Suzuki Programs and community music schools.  This year we worked with Tafelmusik on their Canada 150 Outreach project with several groups of students from Etobicoke School of the Arts and the Miles Nadar Suzuki program. Anne Lederman saw each group of students twice in order to coach them on 5 tunes (which we will be playing at the Jam on World Fiddle Day). They worked also with Chris Verrette of Tafelmusik and their teachers to put together a nice 20 minute program which they all played after the regular  Tafelmusik concert on Sunday, Feb. 26 in Trinity-St. Paul’s church. They sounded absolutely wonderful and some of them will, we hope, join us on World Fiddle Day.  Compliments to Pam Bettger (ESA)  and Gretchen Paxton and Rebecca Sancton-Ashworth (MNjcc Suzuki) for their dedication and ongoing commitment to broadening their students’ horizons.


2 comments on “Sunday March 5 – Practice Jam

  1. Will you be posting the tunes to your web-site, like the previous tunes? Thanks, Blair Cockburn

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    • Hi Blair, yes, we have the tunes posted. Under the Members Music room. If you’re out of town, you’ll be able to sign up as a member on Eventbrite. It’s already online and we’ll be posting the link on the website asap.


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