Time to sign up for World FIddle Day

May 19 is the day, Hugh’s Room is the place. The morning features workshops by Shane Cook (Ontario Old TIme) and Elizabeth Rodriguez (Cuban Folk Music) and the afternoon is the infamous Around-the-World Jam with our inimitable House Band (Lea Kirstein, Tom Leighton, Martin Van de Ven , Anne Lederman, and, this year on percussion, Magdelys Savigne). Remember, World Fiddle Day is for you! We’ve had lots of interest in the music (60 on the Dropbox so far). More Info on the World FIddle Day 2018 page

COST for PLAYERS:  For Two Workshops and the Jam – $25 (with Friday night tickets: Africa-Cuba-Canada: A Global FIddle Celebration. Info on HOME PAGE)
$40 – Saturday only.
All Players under 30 and all listeners are welcome FREE of charge.

Sheet Music and mp3s of all tunes are available in a Dropbox:
We don’t seem to be able to give you a link on the website, so just e-mail us at: worldfiddledaytoronto@gmail.com. We will sign you up tout de suite!

Or pick up a book/cd for cost ($10) at one of our remaining “Get Your Groove on Workshops.” This Sunday, April 29, and then May 13, 3-5pm at the L&M space. More Info here.



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