We are on our way to our goal of selling 160 concert tickets and having at least 50 participants at the Workshops and Jam, but we still very much need YOUR SUPPORT.

Remember World Fiddle Day is an entirely non-profit undertaking to help promote community music-making and greater knowledge of world traditions, as played on bowed string instruments. No matter what your level of experience on fiddle/violin, you can join us, playing  along in a wonderful group setting which will make you feel like a rock star.

“it’s the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything,” one participant said.

This year, in partnership with Batuki Music and supported by Polyphonic Ground (a new Collective devoted to world music presentation in Toronto), we are especially lucky to be able to experience, in concert, one of the oldest forms of bowed string instrument, the Ethiopian masinqo, along with New World traditions from Cuba and Canada. Hugh’s Room Live has jumped in to support us and offer this wonderful concert (Friday, May 18, tickets available at www.hughsroomlive.com).

Does it cost money?
– Unfortunately yes. We are committed to paying all of our professional artists a reasonable wage for their work performing, leading workshops and being part of the House Band at the Jam. However, the daily work of World Fiddle Day Toronto is undertaken by volunteers who just want to see this happen.

Are there ways I can participate for free?
– All players under 30 are invited to join us on Saturday May 19, 10 – 4pm for Workshops and Jam absolutely free of charge. Listeners to the Jam (1:30-4:00 pm) are also welcome for free.

So, if you support the aims of World Fiddle Day Toronto of a better understanding between cultures through music, please help in any way you can. Come to the concert Friday night at Hugh’s. If you play, sign up for the Workshops/Jam, May 19, come to our last “Get Your Groove On” workshop on May 13 (2-5pm – note time change, 935 Bloor St. West, Long&McQuade Clinic).

And please help spread the word any way you can. Invite friends to the concert, put it on your Facebook page, share our posts etc.  We are doing this in grand celebration of what is good in the world.


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