Monday night class: Québécois, Cape Breton, Métis

Hi all: I have just started my Monday night class at RCM in Québécois, Cape Breton, Métis repertoire, style, tech, the whole shebang. Come and improve your playing, and your musicianship while learning a great repertoire of tunes played in different parts of Canada. This is a small group class (4 right now) and we definitely could use a few more.  For Intermediate players (at least 2 years experience). I just spent a month in Quebec and a few weeks in Scotland, so am chock full of great tunes to pass on. We started this week with a couple of Québécois classics: La turlutte d’Antonio Bazinet, and Le reel du poteau blanc (also called Boule de neige). You would be able to pick them up quickly and carry right on with us. .

Fourteen 90-minute sessions are only $460 (about $32 session), Mondays from 7-8:30 at RCM. TO REGISTER: www.rcmusic. ca


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