Gaelynn Lea and Ariko in Concert, Sept. 25

HI All:  World Fiddle Day Toronto is co-sponsoring a very special concert NEXT TUESDAY, Sept. 25, 8 pm, at the Small World Music space (180 Shaw ST. Suite 101, where we did “Spirit of the Narrows” last year) and we really hope as many of you as possible will join us for it. We are presenting ARIKO (Franco-Ontarian band from Penetanguishene) and GAELYNN LEA (an inspiring singer-songwriter whose main instrument is violin). Here are their lovely pictures, and below is lots more info. This will be a wonderful night.

Tickets are $20 if you buy them in advance HERE

Why are we doing a WORLD FIDDLE DAY concert in September? 

As part of the Polyphonic Ground Collective of World Music presenters in Toronto, we have a mandate to put on several co-sponsored events before December 31, 2018. This is our FIRST Fall concert, and we are aiming for at least one more. So, we would like to hear from you if there’s a particular kind of fiddling, or a particular fiddler you would love to have in Toronto. LET US KNOW, and please join us on Sept. 25.

MORE INFO on both artists HERE, videos etc.

A Polyphonic Ground event, this concert is co-presented by


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