World Fiddle Day, May 19

All of our community workshops were lovely, thanks so much to all who came and participated. (Music is available on the Workshop page, or the Dropbox, where there are also some audio files).
THe good news is, there is still time to sign up for our wonderful workshop day of Klezmer music this Sunday May 19, at the Canadian Language Museum, Glendon campus with Deborah Schwartz and Jeff Warschauer. There is a map attached here to show you how to get there. Once you register, we will send an e-mail asking for info on your playing background. We have a youth volunteer to keep the teenagers company (Registration for the day is for 12 years of age and up).
And remember if you know non-players interested in just hearing Deborah and Jeff, have them buy a $15 ticket and come from 4-6pm. The link for all-day Registration, and for Concert tickets are here.

Map with Parking info.

World Fiddle Day Yaay!

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