Wonderful day

From singing to playing, from the start of the day til the end, it was a beautiful location and an inspiring immersion into the world of klezmer music. Deborah and Jeff’s teaching style took everyone from the emotional heart of the music directly onto their instruments. Their concert was rich in story, song and great playing.  We are honoured to have had them join us for this year’s World Fiddle Day Toronto celebration.  Thank you to all who came to learn, to listen, to enjoy.

World Fiddle Day, May 19

All of our community workshops were lovely, thanks so much to all who came and participated. (Music is available on the Workshop page, or the Dropbox, where there are also some audio files).
THe good news is, there is still time to sign up for our wonderful workshop day of Klezmer music this Sunday May 19, at the Canadian Language Museum, Glendon campus with Deborah Schwartz and Jeff Warschauer. There is a map attached here to show you how to get there. Once you register, we will send an e-mail asking for info on your playing background. We have a youth volunteer to keep the teenagers company (Registration for the day is for 12 years of age and up).
And remember if you know non-players interested in just hearing Deborah and Jeff, have them buy a $15 ticket and come from 4-6pm. The link for all-day Registration, and for Concert tickets are here.

Map with Parking info.

World Fiddle Day Yaay!

Awesome workshop last week: 1 more to go

girl on floorHI folks: We hope you all have May 12 marked on your calendar for our last Introduction to Klezmer workshop before the our wonderful main event on May 19.

ON May 12 (yes, it’s Mother’s Day but we are done by 4;00) Anne and Martin will initiate you into bulgars, the wonderful driving tunes that make everyone mishuggeneh  (crazy – a great Yiddish word to know). And we will review the other tunes and rhythms we have done.

WHERE: L&M Clinic Space, 935 Bloor St. West
WHEN: 1:30 – 4pm, Sunday May 12
Cost: By Donation, $20 suggested. No pre-registration required

AND, don’t forget to sign up for our all-day main event: World Fiddle Day Toronto’s “Spotlight on Klezmer” with special guests Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer from Philadelphia.  (Register for the day, or buy Concert tickets for Jeff/Deborah on the World Fiddle Day TOronto 2019 page). We are really looking forward to sharing this special day.


Workshop this Sunday!

Hi folks: We really hope you’re planning to join us for a very special day of Klezmer music on May 19 at the Canadian Language Museum with Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer, coming from Philadelphia to join us. It is ONLY $50 for the day ($30 for Youth under 25!), including a concert from Jeff and Deborah and 5 hours of workshops (less than the cost of one private lesson) to join a wonderful string orchestra and be part of an amazing klezmer experience Please sign up ASAP, both so we know how many people are coming and so you won’t be disappointed as space is limited.  Go HERE for Registration.

WORKSHOP THIS WEEK: Led by Martin Van de Ven from Beyond the Pale (and the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band), on the Turkischer rhythm – that lovely slow, slinky rhythm we used for Uskudar back when World Fiddle Day Toronto was first starting out.

TIME: 1:30 – 4pm, Sunday, April 28
PLACE: Long&McQuade’s Clinic space. 935 Bloor St. West
COST: BY Donation, $20 suggested.

Horra Workshop this Sunday

HI Folks: The second in our series of Klezmer workshops happens this Sunday. We’ll be looking at Kandel’s Hora, a beautiful tune in a slower rhythm. Please join Jessica Deursch and Anne Lederman:

WHERE: L&M Clinic, 935 Bloor St. West
WHEN: 1:30 – 4pm, Sunday, April 14.

COST: Suggested Donation $20.

And don’t forget to sign up asap for our all-day Klezmer String Orchestra on May 19 at the Canadian Language Museum with Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer. Registration HERE: It’s easy to get to, and it’s a beautiful space.

Both workshops and the day will be done partly by ear, with music available. As in most traditions, it’s important to get a feel for the rhythms first and foremost.

We have added an mp3 from the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (a 1990s TOronto group that Anne was part of), and the music for Kandel’s to the Workshop Dropbox, available here.
THe Flying Bulgar version is fast. A couple of slower  versions are on Youtube here, violin-led and quite beautiful.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSaUsUdTkBQ   (Tulsa Klezmer Band)

World FIddle Day Yaay! 


World Fiddle Day goes klezmer for 2019


HI folks:  We are happy to announce not only that we ARE  holding World Fiddle Day 2019 event (rumours of our demise greatly exaggerated), but also that it will be a special year devoted to exploring the klezmer tradition, in partnership with the Askenaz Foundation and supported by Polyphonic Ground.  Many things fell into place to enable this to happen this year, and we will be working hard to update all the Website pages in the next few days. MEANWHILE, two things you need to know immediately!

WORLD FIDDLE DAY Toronto 2019 is happening on SUNDAY, May 19, from 9:30 – 6:30, (rather than Saturday, in order to avoid the Jewish sabbath), at the Canadian Language Museum on the Glendon Campus, right beside the beautiful rose garden, at Lawrence and Bayview. Watch main page for details, but it’s easy to get to on transit, there’s parking and it’s a beautiful place to spend the day. Our guests, leading us in a day-long Klezmer Orchestra, are re-knowned duo Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer, who will be coming from Pennsylvania to join us (INFO on Jeff/Deborah HERE).  We will have info on registration soon.

Meanwhile, WORKSHOPS at Long&Mcquade’s (Clinic space, 935 Bloor St. West) are starting on March 31 (note date correction) followed by further dates: April 14, 28 and May 12, same time, same space. So, just the four Sunday afternoons, 1:30 – 4 pm, a chance to get your feet wet in the basics of klezmer music and learn a few simple rhythms and tunes that we can play in our final concert on the day. These workshops will be led by Anne Lederman and Martin Van de Ven. Suggested donation $20, Seniors/Students/Under-employed $10 9 (please speak to us if it’s an issue).

Please join us. World Fiddle Day yaay!


Feb. 14: Cape Breton/Scottish Jam at Amico’s

1648 Queen St. West Toronto, 7:30 – 10:30pm. Come join us for a few tunes on Valentine’s Day – those other places are all too crowded anyway.

I have created a shortlist and a Dropbox with some sheet music and mp3s. They don’t all correspond (I don’t have recordings or music for everything), NOR do you have to play anything from the list. We take turns, come play what you want, request something or just come to listen. If it’ son the list, there’s a good chance that at least someone else will know it, but playing solo is also ok.  Hope to see you there.

Thursday night Jams at Amico’s

HI All: I am hosting Thursday jams upstairs at Amico’s Pizza, 1648 Queen St. West, 1st, 2nd, 4th (and 5th if there is one) every week, just skipping the 3rd so as not to conflict with the Toronto Fiddle Collective. 7:30- 10:30 or so, meeting for beer and pizza orders at 7 for those who want to. There are different themes for each jam.

1st Thursday – OPEN

2nd Thursday – In January,  a Tamarack’er Down Play-in, backwards from the end of Book 2 (list available on request). February and subsequent months will be Cape Breton/Scottish jams on this night.

4th Thursday: French-Canadian/Métis

Please join us, all instruments welcome. We will play a little slower for the first hour, encourage people to pick up new tunes. The pace will increase as the night goes on.

We play by ear, going around the circle for start-up or suggestions. For the Tamarack’er Down Play-in, there will be a few copies of books available. Hope to see you there!


Ah, a glorious rainy day. What better way to have a great evening than with the lovely fiddling, singing and dancing of Ariko, along with the violin and vocal stylings of our U.S. guest, Gaelynn Lea.
TONIGHT! at the Small World Centre, 180 Shaw St. Suite 101, 8 pm. $20 Advance HERE,  or $25 at the door.