Monday night class: Québécois, Cape Breton, Métis

Hi all: I have just started my Monday night class at RCM in Québécois, Cape Breton, Métis repertoire, style, tech, the whole shebang. Come and improve your playing, and your musicianship while learning a great repertoire of tunes played in different parts of Canada. This is a small group class (4 right now) and we definitely could use a few more.  For Intermediate players (at least 2 years experience). I just spent a month in Quebec and a few weeks in Scotland, so am chock full of great tunes to pass on. We started this week with a couple of Québécois classics: La turlutte d’Antonio Bazinet, and Le reel du poteau blanc (also called Boule de neige). You would be able to pick them up quickly and carry right on with us. .

Fourteen 90-minute sessions are only $460 (about $32 session), Mondays from 7-8:30 at RCM. TO REGISTER: www.rcmusic. ca



Emilyn and Filippo: Cd Release at HUGH’s Wednesday, Sept. 12

Hi all: If you love great instrumental music (which we know you do), great musicianship and a wonderful stage stage presence, please come down to Hugh’s Room Live tomorrow night to see Emilyn Stam (one of our lead fiddlers at the Aga Khan), and Italian button accordion player Filippo Gambetta release their new CD (on BOREALIS). It will be wonderful. The show kicks off at 8:30 (and you can come earlier for dinner).

Here’s the link for tickets: Emilyn and Filippo’s Amazing Concert

Tamarack’er Down: Celtic-Canadian Orchestra

HI all: If you’ve always wanted to play in a group with great arrangements, harmonies etc. come out to Tamarack’er Down, Anne’s Celtic-Canadian ‘orchestra’ at RCM, 11-12:30 Sunday for the first of 14 sessions (Registration required: $345 for all 14 – that’s less than $25/session.) We will learn all parts by ear (unlike last year), so you don’t need to be able to read. It might mean we get through less stuff, but boy, will you know it! For Intermediate/Advanced players, of just about any melody instrument. WARNING: fun may rear it’s head. .

To Register 


And a lovely time it was. .


HI Folks: We had a stunning concert Friday night and an absolutely wonderful day on Saturday. Shane and Elizabeth taught us two new tunes which we will definitely add to the Jam next year (if there is a next year), and now we need YOUR FEEDBACK. Tell us anything, publicly here (click the bubble), or privately at :

We would love to know what you thought about the artists, the venue, the workshops (either L&M or on the Day), the Jam repertoire or how it was run, the communication you got from us, what you would like to see in future. (We understand some of you would have liked to get a beer. That would be possible but it means paying another staff person for the day, an added expense). It is all be enormously helpful for us in deciding whether, or in what form, to continue.

World Fiddle Day Toronto thanks you all for your wonderful support. We do it for you.

It’s almost time for the big day. .

HI All: We are looking forward to a lovely weekend, kicked off by our wonderful Friday night concert at Hugh’s Room: Africa-Cuba-Canada: A Global Fiddle Celebration followed by a day of great workshops and playing on Saturday. We’re hoping for a wonderful house Friday night for this once-in-a-lifetime concert. Remember, you can book online for Hugh’s Room, or just give them a call if you have any questions: 416 – 533-LIVE (5483). You don’t have to eat dinner or reserve a whole table and do not worry, you will  be seated: Tickets HERE

Saturday afternoon is FREE for listeners, so please invite your friends and family to drop in and hear what we’re doing.

World Fiddle Day Toronto exists to promote understanding between cultures through music.

Last “Get Your Groove on Workshop” this Sunday

NOTE: That we have extended the time and will be meeting at 2PM until 4:45, May 13.
If anyone has to leave early for Mother’s Day plans, hopefully that will not prevent you from attending the first part of the Workshop. Lea and I will both be there, reviewing stuff we have done and showing how it relates to as much World Fiddle Day stuff as possible.

We are also looking forward to a lovely World Fiddle Day Concert, Friday night, May 18 at Hugh’s Room. Please consider reserving a table OR  individual tickets for Africa-Cuba-Canada: A Global Fiddle Celebration, the result of and exciting partnership with Batuki Music especially for this year’s event, all supported by Polyphonic Ground (a new Collective of World Music Presenters in Toronto that World Fiddle Day Toronto is part of).  NONE of that money actually goes to us, it’s just the cost of great artists and a great venue ($30 Advance, $35 at the door, link on our HOME page).

THEN, there’s the great day, of course.
– Workshops with Shane Cook and Elizabeth Rodriguez. You don’t even have to choose, you get to come to them both.
– A short lunch (bring your own or grab something from one  of 4 or 5 places in the neighbourhood).
– Our amazing, stupendous, wonderful Around-the-World Jam, featuring many of our favourites from the last 5 years. Worth staying in town for. (Let us know if you need access to the music:, or get a book/cd at the Workshop on Sunday. )

We are asking as many people as possible to register in Advance, even if you are under 30 (free) or just coming to listen (free). Space at Hugh’s is limited and reserving an audience spot guarantees we will save room for you. Register HERE. Cost is $25 (with a Friday night ticket) or $40 for the day. This pays our Workshop leaders, House Band and Hugh’s Room. We and Hugh’s are both non-profit enterprises.

IF for some  reason you can’t join us, we hope you will pick up your fiddle wherever you are and play a tune in honour of the fellowship of music on World Fiddle Day.


We are on our way to our goal of selling 160 concert tickets and having at least 50 participants at the Workshops and Jam, but we still very much need YOUR SUPPORT.

Remember World Fiddle Day is an entirely non-profit undertaking to help promote community music-making and greater knowledge of world traditions, as played on bowed string instruments. No matter what your level of experience on fiddle/violin, you can join us, playing  along in a wonderful group setting which will make you feel like a rock star.

“it’s the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything,” one participant said.

This year, in partnership with Batuki Music and supported by Polyphonic Ground (a new Collective devoted to world music presentation in Toronto), we are especially lucky to be able to experience, in concert, one of the oldest forms of bowed string instrument, the Ethiopian masinqo, along with New World traditions from Cuba and Canada. Hugh’s Room Live has jumped in to support us and offer this wonderful concert (Friday, May 18, tickets available at

Does it cost money?
– Unfortunately yes. We are committed to paying all of our professional artists a reasonable wage for their work performing, leading workshops and being part of the House Band at the Jam. However, the daily work of World Fiddle Day Toronto is undertaken by volunteers who just want to see this happen.

Are there ways I can participate for free?
– All players under 30 are invited to join us on Saturday May 19, 10 – 4pm for Workshops and Jam absolutely free of charge. Listeners to the Jam (1:30-4:00 pm) are also welcome for free.

So, if you support the aims of World Fiddle Day Toronto of a better understanding between cultures through music, please help in any way you can. Come to the concert Friday night at Hugh’s. If you play, sign up for the Workshops/Jam, May 19, come to our last “Get Your Groove On” workshop on May 13 (2-5pm – note time change, 935 Bloor St. West, Long&McQuade Clinic).

And please help spread the word any way you can. Invite friends to the concert, put it on your Facebook page, share our posts etc.  We are doing this in grand celebration of what is good in the world.


Time to sign up for World FIddle Day

May 19 is the day, Hugh’s Room is the place. The morning features workshops by Shane Cook (Ontario Old TIme) and Elizabeth Rodriguez (Cuban Folk Music) and the afternoon is the infamous Around-the-World Jam with our inimitable House Band (Lea Kirstein, Tom Leighton, Martin Van de Ven , Anne Lederman, and, this year on percussion, Magdelys Savigne). Remember, World Fiddle Day is for you! We’ve had lots of interest in the music (60 on the Dropbox so far). More Info on the World FIddle Day 2018 page

COST for PLAYERS:  For Two Workshops and the Jam – $25 (with Friday night tickets: Africa-Cuba-Canada: A Global FIddle Celebration. Info on HOME PAGE)
$40 – Saturday only.
All Players under 30 and all listeners are welcome FREE of charge.

Sheet Music and mp3s of all tunes are available in a Dropbox:
We don’t seem to be able to give you a link on the website, so just e-mail us at: We will sign you up tout de suite!

Or pick up a book/cd for cost ($10) at one of our remaining “Get Your Groove on Workshops.” This Sunday, April 29, and then May 13, 3-5pm at the L&M space. More Info here.



Workshop Sunday April 29

Led by the inimitable Lea Kirstein, the 4th in our series of “Get Your Groove o” Workshops, 3-5 pm, L&M Clinic space, 935 Bloor St. west. We’ll be trying out some more great rhythm and chord patterns.
COST $20, unless you’ve paid for the series.

Books/cds for World Fiddle Day also available at cost ($10), or e-mail: to be added to the Dropbox.

WORLD FIDDLE DAY is only 26 days away! Yaay World Fiddle Day!